MuniShirts by Walter Koning

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Send me a message with the shirt style and size that you want. Include the recipient's name and delivery address for faster processing. Pricing is $22 (including shipping in the United States) per shirt. Use the PayPal button or send me an email.

MuniShirt Designs

1 California (Cirles)
1 California (Light Blue)
1 California (Red)
2 Clement (Red)
7 Haight (Blue)
7 Haight (Circles)
12 Folsom (White)
14 Mission (Black on black)
14 Mission (Brown)
14 Mission (Circles)
14 Mission (Green)
21 Hayes (Black on black)
21 Hayes (Brown)
22 Mission (Black)
22 Mission (Black on black)
22 Mission (Circles)
22 Mission (Red)
30 Stockton (Black)
31 Balboa (Cream)
33 Stanyan (Black on Black)
33 Stanyan (Dark green)
38 Geary (Black/Gray)
71 Haight/Noriega (Dark grey)
Fastpass (by Yuko)
J Church (Circles)
J Church (Green)
N Judah (Black on black)
N Judah (Circles)
S Castro (Black)
S Castro (Blue)
SF Railway (Cream)

Or try my CafePress store for inventory in all sizes

The 71 Haight/Noriega (Dark grey)

$16 + $6 delivery(USA only). Available sizes (quantities) below.

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71 Haight/Noriega (Dark grey)

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